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My work is inspired by direct personal experiences in nature, Eastern art and philosophy, and minimalist modern architecture and design. My love of woodworking came from my father and leather working from my grandparents.

Growing up surrounded by nature I was deeply connected to it at a very early age. The forests, streams, mountains and lakes were my sanctuaries for contemplation and inspiration.  After years of pilgrimages exploring remote jungles and scuba diving throughout Southeast Asia, South Pacific, Indonesia, Micronesia and Central America, we moved to Thailand to immerse ourselves in nature and the Thai culture.  These experiences are a major indispensable influence to the emotional essence I strive to achieve in every furniture or art project.

I hold a Bachelor of Architecture from the Southern California Institute of Design (SCI-Arc), where I was honored to receive the National AIA Certificate of Merit from the Henry Adams Foundation for design excellence. Throughout my architectural career I've been privileged to work on many great projects such as the LA Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels, Otis College of Art and Design, the LA Griffith Observatory, and the USC Aquatic Center.

With 25 years of architectural design and construction experience, I founded Primal Modern to integrate my passion for design, nature, precision craftsmanship and the art of making.